Interested in working at Identity?


Here is a little bit about us:

We’re a small and growing company who seasonally sources our coffees directly from the farmers. We roast everything in small batches, multiple times per week at our 4,500-sf flagship Cafe & Roasterie in Midtown Sacramento.

Our goal is to curate tasty things in a place for people to socialize, un-socialize, draw, compute, or whatever really. The point is simply good people, good coffee, good eats, good place.

There are a lot of ideas about what is behind working in our industry so we’d like to share with you the skill sets that are required in order to be considered for the job. They are as follows:

Personality & Interests

-        Have a genuine interest for the service industry

-        Want to learn about what goes into great coffee

-        Enjoy cleaning. A lot. All day long

-        Eclectic and open-minded

 Social Skills

-       Possess a naturally sociable disposition

-       Capable of personable and casual interactions with customers

-       Not offended easily and can joke within a realm of irony

-       Comfortable receiving direct criticism without taking it personally


Communication Skills

-       Must be capable of clear verbal communication at an audible level in a loud environment

-       Possess both an assertive and directive demeanor


Information Retention

-       Able to retain both general and specific information no matter the subject

-       Capable of memorizing steps of protocols quickly

-       Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions correctly



-       Must have reliable transportation to make it to work

-       Do not call in sick often or constantly need to trade shifts

-       Has open or mostly open availability


Physical Ability

-       Lift 20lbs without strain

-       Remain actively on your feet for up to 6 straight hours

-       Flexible enough to clean or retrieve items on the floor or in tight spaces

-       Solid hand-eye coordination


If you possess these qualities and want to be considered for the job, bring your resume in person to any of our three locations.