How to Make Iced Coffee with Nespresso

Nothing calms down the human body and heart more than having a Nespresso iced coffee on a hot summer afternoon. This drink is easy to make and in little time too. With the right ingredients, you might even replicate Starbucks’ iced coffee recipe and save yourself the trip to the coffee shop. Here is how to make iced coffee with Nespresso:

Add four or more ice cubes into a glass. Fill the glass halfway with a Nespresso shot then fill the remaining part of the glass with cold water, stir and enjoy. Alternatively, you can add milk to the remaining half of the glass in place of water.

What is Nespresso Iced Coffee?

This is a cold coffee beverage that is made using coffee extracted from a Nespresso coffee pod. The best thing about Nespresso pods is that you can make the coffee flavors of your choice.

The flavors range from a sweet touch to a blunt acidic touch depending on how you like your coffee. From a biased point of view, I’d recommend the hot and sweet Pumpkin spice flavor for a hot outdoorsy day.

Unlike other cold drinks such as cold foam, making this iced coffee will require a Nespresso machine, which is quite simple to figure out. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make iced coffee with the Nespresso machine.

How to Make Nespresso Coffee

Here is a faster and easier way of making iced coffee with Nespresso:


  1. Nespresso coffee pod (flavor of your choice)
  2. A glass of cold water or substitute with cold milk depending on which type of coffee you’d like.
  3. 3 to 5 ice cubes.
  4. Syrup sweetener (optional)


  1. Preheat the Nespresso by running water through it by pressing the Lungo button once. Collect the water and pour it out into the nearest sink. Then add water to the machine’s reservoir.
  2. Pop the coffee pod into the Nespresso and place a glass with the ice cubes under the machine. This is to catch the coffee from the Nespresso.
  3. Press the Lungo button once more and the coffee should pour directly into the glass. Fill the glass halfway.
  4. To fill the glass, add cold water or cold milk depending on whether you want a black or white iced coffee. Stir to mix the contents.
  5. Additionally, before stirring you may add a sweetener such as vanilla syrup, then stir. Be sure to drink up before the ice melts into your coffee.

You can never go wrong with this 5-step guide to making iced coffee with Nespresso. For a more aesthetical serving, you can add mint leaves on the brim of the glass or anything you want.

You can accompany this drink with any snack of your choice. Also, if the atmosphere temperatures are too hot you can leave out using ice cubes that may melt and instead use cold water and cold milk from the fridge. This is to balance out the coffee from being too diluted.

Best Nespresso for Iced Coffee

Nespresso offers a variety of coffee pods for making iced coffee. Whichever coffee pod you choose depends on how you’d like your iced coffee since different pods have different extraction intensities.

If a dark roast coffee is what you are going for, then the following Nespresso blends will be the best options:

  1. Stormio
  2. Intenso
  3. Odacio

For a medium acidified iced coffee, these two Nespresso blends will get the job done:

  1. Nespresso Fortado
  2. Nespresso Arondio

Lightly roasted coffee is preferred globally, thus the Nespresso Odacio and Nespresso Melozio (pictured below) should be your choice.

According to Nespresso, the cherished Melozio flavor did not come by chance.

Nespresso says, “The great flavor is as a result of making conscious choices and taking great care of the coffee right from the farm to the coffee mug.”

Extraction of the coffee beans is also on another level.

Currently, the Nespresso Melozio has 23,458 reviews on Amazon and the flavor continues to garner even more.

You can use any Nespresso machine when preparing your iced coffee. However, the Nespresso VertuoPlus is more convenient due to its large size reservoir. This means more cups of morning coffee.

The Difference Between Espresso and Nespresso

Espresso is rich in flavor with an intense acidic punch and a full caffeine aroma that makes it a winner for coffee enthusiasts, whereas Nespresso shots are more flavored, less acidic, and less aromatic. Nespresso has more flavor varieties that intrigue more people (including myself) to try them.

Additionally, it is easier to operate a Nespresso machine than an Espresso machine. Therefore, you are more likely to find a Nespresso machine in a home than you will an Espresso coffee maker.

Other cold drinks you might be interested in include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do you make iced coffee with Nespresso Vertuo?

A: There isn’t much of a difference between the Nespresso Regular and the Vertuo. Pop in a coffee pod capsule in the Nespresso Vertuo and press the Lungo button. Put a cup under the Nespresso Vertuo to collect the coffee. Add some cold water and ice cubes to the coffee. Then stir to enjoy your cuppa.

Q: How does Nespresso Iced coffee work?

This essentially involves choosing a coffee capsule that is bought pre-grounded. Lock it in the Nespresso machine and start it. Let the coffee pour halfway into a glass filled with ice cubes. Add cold water or cold milk to fill the glass then stir and press to have your iced coffee.

Q: Which Nespresso is best for iced?

A: You can use any Nespresso but the best would be Nespresso VertuoPlus (pictured below).

Q: How do you make iced coffee with a Nespresso milk frother?

A: Most Nespressos come with a milk frother. Follow this procedure to make frother:

  • Add cold milk into the Nespresso milk frother. Press the on button and hold it for 2-5 seconds till it turns blue. If it turns red that means it is warming the milk. Since the aim is iced coffee make sure the frother turns blue
  • To a cold Nespresso shot with ice cubes, add the frothed milk and stir. Add a sweetener(optional). For this recipe, I would recommend cinnamon sprinkles for a full-bodied, cold, refreshing drink.

A: Does Nespresso iced coffee come cold?

A: Yes. Add ice cubes, cold water, or cold milk to lower your coffee temperatures further.

Q: Can you brew cold coffee in a Nespresso?

A: Brewing cold coffee in a Nespresso makes it easy to find Nespresso in more homes because it is fast and simple to make a cold brew.

Q: How do you make iced coffee with coffee pods?

A: You will need a Nespresso machine for this one. Put your chosen coffee pod into the Nespresso and turn it on. Place a cup or glass with ice cubes under the machine to collect your coffee and fill it halfway. Add cold coffee or cold milk then stir to get a fully iced coffee.

Q: How do you make a Frappuccino with a Nespresso machine?

A: To make a Nespresso Frappuccino you will need:

  • A vanilla-flavored coffee pod.
  • A glass of milk
  • 3 tablespoons of white sugar(optional)
  • 3-5 ice cubes.

Here’s how to make a Frappuccino with a Nespresso machine:

  • Pop in the vanilla capsule into the Nespresso and collect the coffee in a glass with ice cubes. Fill the glass halfway.
  • Add sugar and cold milk to fill the glass.
  • Stir the contents to get a cold Frappuccino. Alternatively, you can blend the milk and coffee to get a foamy and creamier Frappuccino.
  • Serve with the accompaniments of your choice.

Q: How do I make iced coffee?

A: You can make iced coffee using different methods. This article covers how to make iced coffee with Nespresso. 

In the absence of a Nespresso, you can make instant coffee from warm water. Add sugar and milk of your choice. Stir then refrigerate your coffee for 30-40 minutes. Serve while cold.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve covered how to make iced coffee with Nespresso, it’s my hope that you will be able to follow the simple procedure to make a quick Nespresso shot for yourself.

This method is easy and conventional for use at any time of the day. The fun comes when using Nespresso. Thanks to this modern brewing machine, you will get to explore different Vertuo coffee flavors.

Be your barista and include Nespresso Iced coffee in your barbeque book club meetings.